Friday, 7 August 2009

Been a while / Globe Destroyer x G-Shock

It's been a while since my last blog. A lot has happened since then. MJ, the king of pop unexpectedly passed away, the other MJ, the GOAT was inducted into the hall of fame, Shaq was traded to the Cavs, Blake Griffin went no.1, FedEx clinched his 15th slam surpassing Pistol Pete, Vick was off the hook, I signed up to Twitter and abandoned Facebook, had a ridiculous FS/10 season where at one point I went sleepless for 3 days doing colorways, my nephew Chino officially became a Taekwondo Korea approved black belter, INC celebrated its 95th anniversary, and the most recent was Pres. Cory Aquino succumbing to colon cancer. During that time, I've also been busy watching clips of the EDSA '86' Quite intersting. A quote from Ninoy that I will never forget was "Filipino is worth dying for" pretty deep!!! It's been almost 6 years since my last visit to the ol' motherland, the last time was the sad and sudden passing of my father. Maybe it is time to revisit?

In terms of purchases, a few kicks here and there (mcfly and neon hypermax, megatron zoom flights, just to name a few, but the BIGGEST purchase this year was my second home. No more townhouse for us, it's time to hit the 'burbs. Pretty major for me and Jen with the baby due to arrive in less than 2 months and no more bloody driveway blockage. On Fridays I usually knock off at 3pm and I think the plan tonite is to check IKEA out. Shoe shelving here we come!

Early this morning I received an email from BP with attached images of the upcoming Globe Destroyer x G-Shock shoe that I designed. The shoe was presented at the NYC stop of Casio G-Shock’s ‘Shock the World Tour 2009′ which featured Kanye West. I was psyched and at the same time I was like damn, it got leaked and I haven't even seen the pullover yet. Props to for being the first blog to feature the kicks. Too early to talk about it but the materials and packaging on those shoes are crazy. What all the bloggers failed to mention as well was the fact that Globe is only the second sneaker company worldwide behind New Balance to do a shoe collab with Casio.

Anyways enough with the update.

Check out the pix and link below: